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We will have a work party Saturday Sept 4th at 10AM-12 noon. There are chips available in the bins and I would appreciate anyone bringing your wheel barrows and metal rakes. We will chip the extension of the temporary West Trail to the lagoon overlook. The work party will get access to the trail through the fence’s open gate. We will meet at the trail sign in the east end of the Center for Urban Horticulture parking lot.


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Lets plan on working in the swamp from 9-11 AM this Saturday August 7th. I would recommend we meet at the entrance of the trail off the eastern edge of the Urban horticulture parking lot and have at least Kern, I and any other willing volunteer re-mark and clear the north end of the trail extending it from the high water mark to the lagoon viewing point.

Any other willing volunteers can remove alive and dead vines off the cottonwoods near the eastern trail.



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