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July 1st 10AM till noon Sunday at the corner of the east parking lot at Center for Urban Horticulture at the Yesler Swamp Trail entrance.

The projects are:
1) GPS mapping of mitigation areas
2) Uprooting blackberry and other invasives in the most recent Capstone project area next to the entrance of the swamp trail
3) Unroofing of last years plantings in the NE corner from vine weed and blackberry
4) Unroofing the 2006 plantings in the most NE slope area.
Tools to bring include gloves, pick axe, shovel, clippers.


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Yesler Swamp Needs YOU!

Good news! The design phase for an all-season, accessible, environmentally friendly Yesler Swamp Trail is finished. Environmental permits are expected shortly.

Friends of Yesler Swamp is now applying to the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods for a $100,000 Matching Fund Grant to BUILD THE YESLER SWAMP TRAIL.

The proposed grant will pay for —
• Mitigating environmental damage in Yesler Swamp
• Technical services, including geotechnical engineering and a survey of the Yesler Swamp trail
• Phase 1 of construction – 400 feet of boardwalk to close the loop trail through the Swamp

To win this grant, we need to raise matching funds. As part of the match, we can count

• volunteer time @ $20/hour
• professional services @ $75/hour
• materials donated and tools/equipment loaned @ market value
• cash

The project period runs from July 12, 2012 – December 31, 2013. This means that your pledge of time and money will not be due until after July 12. You can be spread it out over the next 18 months.

Are you willing to join your neighbors to help Yesler Swamp?

Please drop us a note at
Let us know what YOU are willing to do to save this beautiful, tranquil part of our urban forest.

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1-3 P.M.
Center for Urban Horticulture
3500 NE 41st Seattle

Friends of Yesler Swamp invites everyone to a COMMUNITY MEETING & SWAMPWALK to celebrate the FINAL PLAN FOR YESLER SWAMP TRAIL.
SBA Landscape Architects will show off the design for the Trail, report on the environmental protections and permits, and answer questions about the Trail.
An indoor meeting (with refreshments) will be followed by an on-the-ground SWAMP WALK to follow the route of the planned path.
With a permanent, accessible Trail through Yesler Swamp, the community can explore this unique area any time of the year. From small children to seniors, those seeking a bit of the natural world in the midst of our hectic urban landscape can traverse a winding trail of discovery unlike any other in the Seattle area. Importantly, a permanent Trail will provide much better access to volunteers who will continue to remove invasive plants and install natives.
So PLEASE COME on June 24! Bring your friends and neighbors! Children are welcome.

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